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Emil Guillermo
Emil Guillermo is a print and broadcast journalist, commentator and humorist. His column, "Emil Amok," appeared for more than 14 years in AsianWeek at one time, and now appears on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund site.  As a former host of NPR's "All Things Considered" he was the first Asian American male, and first Filipino American, to host a regularly scheduled national news broadcast. He is the author of Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective -- a compilation of essays originally published in Asian Week—that won an American Book Award in 2000. Emil Guillermo writes on issues of race, culture and politics for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (www.aaldef.org/blog)

Affirmative action for elite debtors: Why are we forgiving loans for people who can afford to pay?

by | August 24, 2015
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By Julian Bond’s Example, We all Need to do So Much More

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GOP Still Needs Lesson in Diversity

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Making Schools Accountable for Bad Loans May Pay Off

by | August 2, 2015
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With Africa Tour, Obama Establishes Himself as the “Diversity” President

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Transcripts of Cosby’s 2006 Deposition? Check Out His Words from 2004

by | July 19, 2015
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The U.S. Women’s National Team’s Ticker-tape Parade Was Not for its Diversity

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University of California’s Fall 2015 Freshman Numbers Sound an Alarm

by | July 5, 2015
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Same-Sex Fight Not Over

by | June 29, 2015
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Go to College? LeBron Didn’t, But Everyone Else Should

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‘San Andreas’ Movie Stereotypes Academics

by | June 8, 2015
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South Asian American Champs Spell for College, But Are Still in D-E-B-T

by | May 31, 2015
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Did Columbia University President Snub ‘Mattress Girl’?

by | May 25, 2015
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Instant replay: Are White Employees Scared of Students of Color at Kennesaw State?

by | May 18, 2015
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Young Men of Color Matter Before They’re Victims

by | May 10, 2015
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