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Emil Guillermo
Emil Guillermo is a print and broadcast journalist, commentator and humorist. His column, "Emil Amok," appeared for more than 14 years in AsianWeek at one time, and now appears on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund site.  As a former host of NPR's "All Things Considered" he was the first Asian American male, and first Filipino American, to host a regularly scheduled national news broadcast. He is the author of Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective -- a compilation of essays originally published in Asian Week—that won an American Book Award in 2000. Emil Guillermo writes on issues of race, culture and politics for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (www.aaldef.org/blog)

Jameis Winston Gets What He Wanted; Did FSU?

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Stanford’s Admission Rate at 5 Percent But Why Stop There?

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The Lunar New Year Starts and the Day of Remembrance Never Ends

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Higher Ed’s Super Bowl Dilemma: Go to Game or Pay for Dartmouth?

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Disaggregating Asian American Pacific Islanders

by | January 25, 2015
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