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UM Campus Welcomes Foreign Students

by Associated Press | June 14, 2015

In the last school year, the University of Montana had more than 830 international students enr [...]

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Exchange Program Expands Horizons of African-American Males

| June 10, 2015

14 members of three fraternities at The Ohio State University (OSU) traveled to China last mont [...]

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University of Delaware Students Rally on Harassment; Professor Leaves

by Associated Press | September 21, 2014

Hundreds of students at the University of Delaware called for more transparency in the school [...]

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Diverse Conversations: Potential Paths to Reforming College Debt

by Matthew Lynch | March 17, 2014

Let’s look at some specific ideas that aim to bring down the initial cost of a college educat [...]

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HBCUs Urged to Develop Strategic Plans for International Education Programs

by Ronald Roach | July 18, 2013

In the push to help create high-impact international education programs, the American Council o [...]

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Virginia State SGA President Faces Hazing Charges

by Associated Press | April 9, 2013

The president of the student government association at Virginia State University has been charg [...]

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North Carolina HBCU Students Embrace Technology to Discuss Foreign Policy

by Steven J. Gaither | October 24, 2012

Faculty members and students from five HBCUs gathered in the battleground state via videoconfer [...]

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Global Forum: Collaboration Yields Dialogue, Hope and Shelter in a Broken World

by Karen Jenkins | September 6, 2011

Educational exchanges afford others the opportunity to learn about the United States, while Ame [...]

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Music to Our Ears

by Hilary Hurd Anyaso | June 26, 2008

“Minority” and “orchestra musicians” are not words you see often in the same sentence, [...]

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