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Raising Consciousness for the Future of Higher Education

by Marietess Masulit | December 9, 2015 It is very possible to complete a program in higher education without engaging in a conversatio Read more

Mizzou and the Future of Black Student-Athletes’ Protests

by Dexter L. Blackman | November 17, 2015
As a group, Black student-athletes are in an optimal position to use sports as a forum to deman [...] Read more

University of Missouri Selects African-American as Interim President

by Diverse Staff | November 12, 2015
In an effort to move forward, the University of Missouri didn’t have to look too far for a ne [...] Read more

At Mizzou, and Across the Country, It’s All About the Bottom Line

by Autumn A. Arnett | November 11, 2015
It isn’t that I didn’t realize there obviously was a pervasive collective thought by an una [...] Read more

University of Missouri President Resigns Amid Protests

by Autumn A. Arnett | November 9, 2015
University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe resigned Monday, amid protests and calls for his res [...] Read more

Mayes Recognized With Dissertation Award

by Jamal Eric Watson | April 6, 2015
The American Educational Research Association will honor Dr. Renae D. Mayes, a rising star in t [...] Read more