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Emil Guillermo
Emil Guillermo is a print and broadcast journalist, commentator and humorist. His column, "Emil Amok," appeared for more than 14 years in AsianWeek at one time, and now appears on the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund site.  As a former host of NPR's "All Things Considered" he was the first Asian American male, and first Filipino American, to host a regularly scheduled national news broadcast. He is the author of Amok: Essays from an Asian American Perspective -- a compilation of essays originally published in Asian Week—that won an American Book Award in 2000. Emil Guillermo writes on issues of race, culture and politics for the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund (www.aaldef.org/blog)

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Fight for the Diversity Vote Intensifies as Week’s Primaries Focus on Michigan and Mississippi

by | March 7, 2016 Late last week, Def Jam entrepreneur Russell Simmons announced he was supporting Hillary Clinto Read more

Demarcus Cousins Cries Foul and We All Lose

by | February 7, 2016
Monday, February 8, is the start of the Lunar New Year and, for Asian Americans of Chinese desc [...] Read more

The Exploitation of College Sports

by | January 10, 2016
Big-time college sports perpetuate a deeper racism, says sports agent. [...] Read more

Tragedy in Paris

by | November 15, 2015
An American Global tragedy: Nohemi Gonzalez was an example of diversity in higher ed at its bes [...] Read more

Diversity Questions for Higher Ed after the UC Merced Stabbing Spree

by | November 8, 2015
By now it may all be forgotten, but last Wednesday, as the news broke, it was shocking the enti [...] Read more

‘The Pipeline Project’ Aims to Save Kids Who Don’t Make it to Higher Ed

by | November 1, 2015
Anna Deavere Smith’s project seeks to help end “the school to prison pipeline and the effec [...] Read more

Filipino History? Ethnic Studies? Ignorance Isn’t Bliss

by | October 25, 2015
We’re heading into the last week and winding up Filipino American History Month. [...] Read more

What Donald Trump Sees When He Sees an Asian College Kid’s Face

by | October 18, 2015
When he heard Donald Trump spewing forth untruths about South Korea on the campaign, economics [...] Read more

Campus Gun Violence, Ben Carson and How to Best Help Students Cope

by | October 11, 2015
The anxiety over guns in campus life has been a reality since the Virginia Tech massacre in 200 [...] Read more

History Leads to Diversity When it Comes to Asian Americans

by | October 5, 2015
If you want to understand how some of our best colleges and universities have become 20, 30, ev [...] Read more

An Asian American Coming of Age Tale: Campus Racism

by | September 27, 2015
For Rini Sampath, her American dream ran into the reality of racism. [...] Read more

The Green Pope: Francis Visit Galvanizes Catholic Educators on the Environment

by | September 20, 2015
If you haven’t paid attention to Pope Francis’ visit until now, this is the subject he’s [...] Read more

U.S. News & World Report Sells Magazines, Higher Ed Goes into Despair

by | September 13, 2015
Not No.1 or No. 2? Forget About the Rankings Nonsense [...] Read more

California State University Professor Speaks Out About Pay Issue

by | September 7, 2015
At California State University, Sacramento, faculty takes to an informational picket. [...] Read more

Political Correctness? Trump Doesn’t Understand Political Inclusion

by | August 31, 2015
During the same week he had Univision anchor Jorge Ramos physically removed from a news confere [...] Read more
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