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Dr. Elwood Watson
Dr. Elwood Watson is a professor of history, African American Studies, and Gender Studies at East Tennessee State University. He is the author of several books and articles. His latest work Performing American Masculinities: The 21st Century Man in Popular Culture published by Indiana University Press.

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Supreme Court Nomination Drama Just Latest Slight Aimed at Obama

by | February 24, 2016 Just when you thought that the level of mean-spirited arrogance directed toward President Obama Read more

Yes, Black History Month is Relevant

by | February 14, 2016
In various quarters of the nation, people will engage in various celebrations and acknowledgmen [...] Read more

Millennials Lacking the Urge to Drive

by | February 2, 2016
A recent report conducted by the Transportation Research Institute at University of Michigan in [...] Read more

2015: Yet Another Turbulent Year for Black America

by | January 18, 2016
To put it bluntly, 2015 was a year that left its brash, brutal, ugly stain of racism on America [...] Read more

Men and Religion: A Reluctant Relationship

by | January 3, 2016
This is news that is probably not all that surprising to most people: men are less likely to em [...] Read more

More Men Should Make an Effort to Bridge Racial Divide

by | December 7, 2015
There are those who argue that cross-racial friendships are not that unusual, particularly amon [...] Read more

Racial Tides Rising on College Campuses

by | November 23, 2015
From coast to coast, thousands of young people ― mostly millennials ― have made their voice [...] Read more

Suicide, Substance Abuse Taking Toll on Segment of Middle-aged Whites

by | November 12, 2015
There has been a lot of buzz about the recent report conducted by recent Nobel Prize-winning ec [...] Read more

Generation Xers Candid About Financial Future

by | October 27, 2015
Earlier this year, the insurance company Allianz Life released the findings of the Generations [...] Read more

Raven-Symone and Buffoonish Things Black Celebs Sometimes Say

by | October 14, 2015
She, whether wittingly or unwillingly, has bought into a retrograde mindset. [...] Read more

Religion Sees Millennials Moving Further Away

by | September 30, 2015
Religion is facing a potential crisis in regards to millennials as the institution moves furthe [...] Read more

Many Factors Determine Good and Effective Teaching

by | September 15, 2015
There are a combination of qualities that distinguish good professors from poor ones. [...] Read more

Black Lives Matter Movement Crucial in Drawing Attention to Issues

by | September 2, 2015
It has been all but impossible to not to notice the Black Lives Matter movement [...] Read more

Race is Indeed an American Dilemma

by | August 18, 2015
Over a century ago, Black intellectual extraordinaire of his day, WEB DuBois, stated that the p [...] Read more

GOP has had an Ongoing Rendezvous with Racial Politics

by | August 5, 2015
Over the past few several weeks, well-known businessman, TV celebrity and presidential candidat [...] Read more
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