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EDMC Facing New Arguments in Discrimination Lawsuit

by Jamal Eric Watson | January 11, 2016
The two plaintiffs accusing the Art Institute of Pittsburgh of race and age discrimination in a [...] Read more

Non-tenure Track Faculty Moving to Front of Hiring Line

by Catherine Morris | January 7, 2016
According to the American Association of University Professors (AAUP), approximately 3 out of 4 [...] Read more

Innocent Until Proven Guilty, but is Anyone in Higher Ed Standing With Bill Cosby?

by Emil Guillermo | January 4, 2016
If Bill Cosby used to give millions to your school, as he did to Spelman College, you can be as [...] Read more

Diverse Docket: Retired Professor Waited Too Long to Sue

by Eric Freedman | January 3, 2016
Judge rules Iran-born retired business professor waited too long to sue the University of Illin [...] Read more

Claflin University Promoting Female Entrepreneurship in India

by Catherine A. Morris |
Claflin University will partner with the University of Calcutta to promote female entrepreneurs [...] Read more

Tony Elliot Leading Clemson to Victory

by Autumn A. Arnett | December 30, 2015
Clemson University’s Tony Elliott was once a walk-on for the team he now serves as co-offensi [...] Read more

Diverse Charts: 2015-2016 NCAA Bowl Team APRs

by Diverse Staff | December 29, 2015
Going into the home stretch of college football bowl games, Diverse takes a look at the Academi [...] Read more

Diverse Conversations: 3 Reasons You Should Care About Hispanic-Serving Institutions

by Matthew Lynch | December 22, 2015
As HSIs grow in number, it’s important for all college educators to realize the effect these [...] Read more

U.S. Higher Ed Leaders See Endless Opportunities in Cuba

by Reginald Stuart | December 20, 2015
American and Cuban higher education leaders are exploring the possibilities of establishing ong [...] Read more

Dishonor Roll ― The Schools that Sought Exemptions To Legally Discriminate Against LGBT Students

by Emil Guillermo |
The Human Rights Campaign, an activist group, urges the U.S. Department of Education to take ac [...] Read more

Glasper Moves Forward with League of Innovations

by Catherine Morris | December 15, 2015
Rufus Glasper will become the CEO and president of the Arizona-based League for Innovations nex [...] Read more

Social Media Will Broadcast the 2015 ‘Revolution’

by Robin Hughes | December 14, 2015
In the 1970s Gil Scott-Herron decreed that the revolution will not be televised; however, stude [...] Read more

NCAA to Honor Northern Illinois University for Diversity, Inclusion Efforts

by Diverse Staff | December 8, 2015
The Northern Illinois University athletics department has been named the winner of the NCAA and [...] Read more

Terrorist Fear Emerges as Biggest Threat to Diversity on Campus and Our Nation

by Emil Guillermo | December 6, 2015
America is getting even crazier than you thought. It’s gripped by an irrational fear. [...] Read more

Race Amity Over Enmity Focus of Recent Conference

by David Pluviose | November 29, 2015
Expert says, although history books and contemporary media are replete with accounts of enmity [...] Read more