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Recruitment and Retention Key in Diversifying Faculty at Public Schools

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | March 8, 2016
A recent panel at Howard University explored the demographic mismatch between public school tea [...] Read more

Moore College Paves the Way for Female Design, Leadership

by Catherine Morris | March 7, 2016
Moore College of Art & Design is paving the way for diversity in fashion, art and design while [...] Read more

A2MEND Summit Addresses Strategies for Success of Black Male Students

by Jamal E. Mazyck | March 6, 2016
Annual A2MEND Summit continues to support Black males pursuing higher education through college [...] Read more

Edley Rebounds, Renews Fight for Social Equity

by Lydia Lum | March 3, 2016
A University of California, Berkeley law professor, Edley has co-founded a new, Berkeley-based [...] Read more

Higher Ed Advocates Urge Democrats to Beef Up Pell Grants

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | March 2, 2016
When Congress moves to reauthorize the Higher Education Act—something it should have done yea [...] Read more

Joseph Continues to Bridge Eras of Social Change

by Catherine Morris | March 1, 2016
James A. Joseph says that a friend of his sums up his life thusly: “It’s interesting to see [...] Read more

Even on Final Day on Job, Haynes Still Fighting for HBCUs

by B. Denise Hawkins | February 29, 2016
In a packed auditorium Monday at the U.S. Department of Education, Leonard L. Haynes III, Ph.D. [...] Read more

Education Expert: There’s Not Enough Follow Through on Equity Policies

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 28, 2016
Estela Bensimon says that, despite the emergence of favorable policies meant to bring about mor [...] Read more

Xavier Ushers in a New Era

by Jamal Eric Watson | February 26, 2016
Hundreds of individuals crowded into the Convocation Center on Friday morning to watch as Dr. C [...] Read more

Education Secretary Nominee: Curbing Student Loan Debt, Campus Assaults Among Priorities

by Catherine Morris | February 25, 2016
Student loan debt and the campus sexual assault debate were two of the higher-education-related [...] Read more

Profile of Nation’s Innovators Doesn’t Mirror Those of Gates, Zuckerberg

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 24, 2016
Study shows more than a third of U.S. innovators were born on foreign soil, and a similar amoun [...] Read more

Remedial Programs a Weak Spot at Community Colleges

by Catherine Morris | February 23, 2016
Developmental education has been identified as one of the barriers to improved graduation and c [...] Read more

Reinvention Initiative Cause for Debate at City Colleges of Chicago

by Catherine Morris | February 22, 2016
Faculty leaders at The City Colleges of Chicago say there is conflict between the college’s o [...] Read more

Diversity Beats ‘Free Education’ in Battle Between Hillary and Bernie in Nevada

by Emil Guillermo | February 21, 2016
A campaign marked by diversity is what it will take to win the election in 2016. [...] Read more

HBCUs’ Mission Rooted in Reconstruction

by Reginald Stuart | February 18, 2016
Exploring the roots of historically Black colleges helps to better explain the challenges and a [...] Read more