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Study Shows Former Student-Athletes Winning after College

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 17, 2016
Former student-athletes are faring better than their non-student-athlete peers on a variety of [...] Read more

Guinier: America Needs Large-scale Social Movement

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 16, 2016
A large-scale social movement is needed to impact political decisions in a way that makes them [...] Read more

Expert Says Diverse Students Subjected to ‘Intellectual Apartheid’

by Lydia Lum | February 15, 2016
Zaretta Hammond, who is passionate about helping educators across all racial groups better rela [...] Read more

Allen Doing His Part to Change Face of Science

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 14, 2016
Allen, a 2016 Diverse Emerging Scholar, credits Jackson State University with being a supportiv [...] Read more

Survey Forecasts More Heat for College Campuses

by Lydia Lum | February 11, 2016
Findings from a new report suggest that participation in demonstrations may intensify in the co [...] Read more

Voices for Our Fathers Keeping Memory of Horrific Study Alive

by Catherine A. Morris | February 10, 2016
As painful as the memories of the past can be, some descendants are working to make sure that t [...] Read more

Black Students Choosing Low-paying Majors

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 9, 2016
Although African-Americans have increased access to higher education, African-American students [...] Read more

Frontier Goes the Distance in Serving the Underserved

by Catherine Morris | February 8, 2016
Frontier Nursing University—a school system focused on serving the underserved and that offer [...] Read more

Georgetown University Revamps Diversity Initiatives

by Jamal Eric Watson | February 7, 2016
The nation’s oldest Catholic university has initiated a wide range of sweeping reforms in an [...] Read more

AASCU Trying Crowdsourcing Approach to Improving Student Outcomes

by Catherine Morris | February 4, 2016
Forty-four of the AASCU’s member institutions will participate in a three-year program in an [...] Read more

Stanford: Ethnic Studies Courses Help At-risk High School Students

by Lydia Lum | February 3, 2016
High school ethnic studies courses focusing on how race and culture can impact life and identit [...] Read more

Gates Foundation Calls for More Granular Data on Student Outcomes

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 2, 2016
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation amplified a longstanding plea in higher education Tuesday f [...] Read more

Beydoun Closing Scholarship Gap on Heightened Legal Scrutiny of Muslim Americans

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim | February 1, 2016
Khaled A. Beydoun, a 2016 Diverse Emerging Scholar, saw opportunity in the dearth of scholarshi [...] Read more

8 Universities Unite to Guide More Latinos to Professoriate

by Jamal Eric Watson | January 31, 2016
Five majority research institutions and three Hispanic-serving institutions (HSIs) are teaming [...] Read more

UCLA, Medical Community Lose a Giant

by Lydia Lum | January 28, 2016
Dr. Paul Terasaki, who died Monday, developed a tissue-typing test in 1964 that became the inte [...] Read more