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Why Do I Have to Call You Doctor?

by by Sydney Freeman, Jr. and Ty-Ron Douglas | August 25, 2020 [...] Read more

HBCUs One Answer to Selective Public High Schools’ ‘Diversity Problem’

by Marybeth Gasman, John Smith and Maya Minter | March 28, 2016
Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have a longstanding commitment to social j [...] Read more

Remembering Bud Hodgkinson, the Guru of Education Demographics

by Joshua L. Smith | March 25, 2016
Those of us who did not know Bud quickly learned that he was the guru who was constantly analyz [...] Read more

Higher Education Can’t Wait Until 2030

by Deren Temel | March 21, 2016
Africa can’t wait until 2030 for the next round of United Nations Global Goals to address the [...] Read more

Trump, Enabler of American Political Hooliganism?

by Emil Guillermo | March 14, 2016
If you like your politics raucous and raunchy, Donald Trump has been your candidate this year. [...] Read more

White Privilege Undermines Diversity in Higher Education

by Larissa Estes, Dr. Tanisha Price-Johnson, and Dr. Marina L. Ramirez | March 8, 2016
Beyond institutionalized and internalized racism and classism, there is a cloud of entitlement [...] Read more

Why Obama Must Not Reach Out to Trump’s Angry Whites

by Ibram X. Kendi | March 6, 2016
The best way for President Obama to counter the Trump effect and the power of racist ideas is f [...] Read more

After Rock’s Monologue, Oscars Go Downhill and Diversity Issue Loses Focus

by Emil Guillermo | February 29, 2016
While the issue of Hollywood’s lack of diversity among nominees gave the show a bit of an edg [...] Read more

Corporations Beginning to See Value of Supporting HBCUs

by Trevonne Thompson and Myiesha Taylor | February 24, 2016
Recent headlines have shared historic announcements by many leading corporations of their new c [...] Read more

Hispanic Serving Institutions: A Home for the In-betweeners

by Paola Esmieu | February 21, 2016
HSIs are best suited to advance Latino/a students as they provide support, culturally responsiv [...] Read more

Beyoncé: Black Power, Her Opponents, and their Dances with History

by Ibram X. Kendi | February 14, 2016
When Beyoncé jolted 100 million viewers back to Black power on Super Bowl Sunday, she was danc [...] Read more

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Proposal: What’s in it for HBCUs?

by Ivory A. Toldson | February 11, 2016
The proposal for the Department of Education has a few new items that are relevant to Historica [...] Read more

Getting Published While Black

by Donna Y. Ford | February 8, 2016
Minority journals are legitimate and must be valued in the recruitment, retention, and promotio [...] Read more

Sanders is Right: Tuition-free Education for All

by Randall Perez | February 4, 2016
His proposal would subsidize attendance to public colleges and universities so that students, a [...] Read more
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