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Five Practical Tips for a Successful Career in STEM

by by Donald Spratt | August 25, 2020 Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut la Read more

HBCUs One Answer to Selective Public High Schools’ ‘Diversity Problem’

by Marybeth Gasman, John Smith and Maya Minter | March 28, 2016 Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) have a longstanding commitment to social j Read more

Remembering Bud Hodgkinson, the Guru of Education Demographics

by Joshua L. Smith | March 25, 2016 Those of us who did not know Bud quickly learned that he was the guru who was constantly analyz Read more

Higher Education Can’t Wait Until 2030

by Deren Temel | March 21, 2016 Africa can’t wait until 2030 for the next round of United Nations Global Goals to address the Read more

Trump, Enabler of American Political Hooliganism?

by Emil Guillermo | March 14, 2016 If you like your politics raucous and raunchy, Donald Trump has been your candidate this year. Read more

White Privilege Undermines Diversity in Higher Education

by Larissa Estes, Dr. Tanisha Price-Johnson, and Dr. Marina L. Ramirez | March 8, 2016 Beyond institutionalized and internalized racism and classism, there is a cloud of entitlement Read more

Why Obama Must Not Reach Out to Trump’s Angry Whites

by Ibram X. Kendi | March 6, 2016 The best way for President Obama to counter the Trump effect and the power of racist ideas is f Read more

After Rock’s Monologue, Oscars Go Downhill and Diversity Issue Loses Focus

by Emil Guillermo | February 29, 2016 While the issue of Hollywood’s lack of diversity among nominees gave the show a bit of an edg Read more

Corporations Beginning to See Value of Supporting HBCUs

by Trevonne Thompson and Myiesha Taylor | February 24, 2016 Recent headlines have shared historic announcements by many leading corporations of their new c Read more

Hispanic Serving Institutions: A Home for the In-betweeners

by Paola Esmieu | February 21, 2016 HSIs are best suited to advance Latino/a students as they provide support, culturally responsiv Read more

Beyoncé: Black Power, Her Opponents, and their Dances with History

by Ibram X. Kendi | February 14, 2016 When Beyoncé jolted 100 million viewers back to Black power on Super Bowl Sunday, she was danc Read more

President Obama’s Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Proposal: What’s in it for HBCUs?

by Ivory A. Toldson | February 11, 2016 The proposal for the Department of Education has a few new items that are relevant to Historica Read more

Getting Published While Black

by Donna Y. Ford | February 8, 2016 Minority journals are legitimate and must be valued in the recruitment, retention, and promotio Read more

Sanders is Right: Tuition-free Education for All

by Randall Perez | February 4, 2016 His proposal would subsidize attendance to public colleges and universities so that students, a Read more

Colonizing Black Lives: The ‘Crusade’ for All Lives and White Fragility

by Robin L. Hughes and Natasha Flowers | January 31, 2016 We have all been bombarded with social media messages that attempt to redirect our attention an Read more
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