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Colonizing Black Lives: The ‘Crusade’ for All Lives and White Fragility

by Robin L. Hughes and Natasha Flowers | January 31, 2016
We have all been bombarded with social media messages that attempt to redirect our attention an [...] Read more

Defending Test-optional Policies in Colleges and Universities

by Briana O’Neal | January 24, 2016
Both the ACT and SAT serve as a barrier to college access for low-income, first-generation and [...] Read more

Title IX Exclusion and Marginalization Needs to Change

by Jacqueline McDowell | January 19, 2016
We have a law that was meant to protect many, but is too focused on a few — those participati [...] Read more

Integrating African-American Management History into Business School Curriculum

by Leon C. Prieto and Simone T. A. Phipps | January 11, 2016
University students who major in Business Management probably heard of Henri Fayol’s 14 princ [...] Read more

I am More Than My 30 ACT Score

by Alexander Kent | January 7, 2016
How can a measly three-hour exam be a meaningful indication of one’s past 18 years of persona [...] Read more

Why Efforts to Ban Student-Athlete Protests Would Backfire

by Dexter Blackman | January 4, 2016
Such actions would likely spark Black student-athletes to protest the discrimination they endur [...] Read more

An Open Letter to the South Carolina General Assembly Black Legislative Caucus

by William Small, Jr. | December 27, 2015
Former Board Chairman and trustee at South Carolina State University addresses unresolved issue [...] Read more

Holtzclaw Case & Rape Culture on College Campuses

by Amalia Dache-Gerbino and Ifeyinwa Onyenekwu | December 23, 2015
Is the rape of 13 Black women not a social justice issue? What does the Daniel Holtzclaw case t [...] Read more

Why Must International Students Pick Up the Tab for U.S. Higher Education?

by Samantha Koo | December 22, 2015
The growth in student population does not fully account for the increasing rate of the profits [...] Read more
Desegregation Not Same as Diversity and Inclusion

Desegregation Not Same as Diversity and Inclusion

by Thomas A. Parham | December 17, 2015
Do colleges and university senior administrators have a coherent definition of diversity that m [...] Read more

A Crisis in Black Leadership? : Let Us Call a Spade a Spade

by William Smalls Jr. | December 13, 2015
For many, me included, it is time that we as Black people in America critically examine the eff [...] Read more

Raising Consciousness for the Future of Higher Education

by Marietess Masulit | December 9, 2015
It is very possible to complete a program in higher education without engaging in a conversatio [...] Read more

Hire a Chief Diversity Officer, Check!

by Eugene T. Parker | December 3, 2015
At colleges and universities across the nation as a response to a campus crisis or incident of [...] Read more

Black Youth Filling the Leadership Void

by William Small, Jr. | November 29, 2015
Black youth have endured a complicated assault of abuse, criticism and relative political aband [...] Read more

Time to Save Our HBCUs Ourselves

by Ja'Net Adams | November 24, 2015
Business as usual is dead and it is time for HBCUs to adapt to a new environment never seen bef [...] Read more