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Q&A with Paul Tough: Missed Opportunity in Nation’s Education Agenda

by Justin Snider, The Hechinger Report | September 6, 2012
In a new book, education reformer Paul Tough asks whether the metrics used in college admission [...] Read more

Commentary: Supporting the Military Veteran-Student

by Dr. Thomas M. McGovern | September 4, 2012
How higher education can respond to the exclusive needs of military students [...] Read more

Commentary: Making Progress amid Growing Enrollment Disparities at Selective Colleges

by Ibram H. Rogers | July 26, 2012
We should be pleased with today’s bird’s eye view of the racial makeup of the national coll [...] Read more

Commentary: FAMU’s Life or Death Decisions at 125 Years Old

by Ibram H. Rogers | July 17, 2012
 In the aftermath of the tragic death of drum major, Robert Champion last year, I began to [...] Read more

Commentary: Graduate Diversity Officers Play Key Role in Helping STEM Departments Diversify

by Lorelle Espinosa | July 5, 2012
Though there is much effort invested in and discussion about undergraduate recruitment and admi [...] Read more

Scholar Says Minority Health Has Much to Gain with Affordable Care Act

by Diverse Staff | July 2, 2012
Health care expert and think tank scholar Brian D. Smedley contends that the Affordable Care Ac [...] Read more

Commentary: Mobile Journalism: A Model for the Future

by Allissa Richardson | June 29, 2012
An award-winning educator writes about taking the journalism classroom to the streets of Johann [...] Read more

Manhattan Institute Segregation Report Flawed, Some Say

by Marjorie Valbrun, America’s Wire | June 22, 2012
A recent report by the Manhattan Institute about the extent to which segregation may have decli [...] Read more

Commentary: Punitive Standardized Testing Produces Unstandardized Schools

by Ibram H. Rogers | June 14, 2012
Students in vastly different schools are taking the same tests, which is and has always been in [...] Read more

Commentary: Congress – Bail Out the Indebted Students

by Ibram H. Rogers | May 3, 2012
While Congress dished out trillions in the last decade to fund foreign wars and bailouts, stude [...] Read more

Commentary: Until Justice Weighs Down — Trayvon’s Story

by Dr. Pamela D. Reed | March 16, 2012
Trayvon Martin’s story should be the proverbial smack across the face that most Americans nee [...] Read more

Commentary: The Case for Transforming Undergraduate STEM Education

by Lorelle Espinosa | March 9, 2012
Of all Black, Native American, and Hispanic students who seek a STEM degree in their first coll [...] Read more

Commentary: The End of Hazing

by Ibram H. Rogers | January 3, 2012
Laws that target individuals need to be revamped with the understanding that hazing is and alwa [...] Read more

Commentary: Spreading the Blame and Constructing Anew

by Ibram H. Rogers | December 23, 2011
It has been several weeks now since Robert Champion’s tragic death and like many I rationaliz [...] Read more

Commentary: The Study Abroad Advantage

by Luis Martinez | December 20, 2011
With international exposure, students can broaden horizons and boost job prospects, contends th [...] Read more