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Failing Grade: Why There Aren’t More African-American Teachers in Classrooms

| November 18, 2015 The need for the African-American teacher continues to increase. What do we need to do to prote Read more
Fueling the Talent Engine —– A Rich Mixture to go the Distance

Fueling the Talent Engine —– A Rich Mixture to go the Distance

by Fred Harburg | November 16, 2015 The talent engines of organizations can be fueled to perform at the highest levels of excellenc Read more

Where Are All the Black College Faculty?

by Leslie T. Fenwick and H. Patrick Swygert | November 11, 2015 It’s an uncomfortable and unacceptable shame ― nearly two decades into a new millennium ― Read more

The Cost of Academic Freedom: How Ghosts of Racism’s Past Haunt College Campuses

by Latoya Russell Owens, Tiffany Jones and Darnell Cole | October 29, 2015 It seems yearly, particularly during Halloween and back-to-campus celebrations, White students Read more

The HBCU Collegian That Could

by Michael J. Seaberry | October 27, 2015 “Don't ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go Read more

Scholars of Color Making Academic Research More Culturally Relevant

by Tiffany Flowers | October 19, 2015 A basic approach of conducting research, publishing work and focusing on information dissemina Read more

MSIs Need to Embrace Competency-Based Learning Strategies

by Katrina S. Rogers and Mike Goldstein | October 13, 2015 It is essential for HBCUs, TCUs and other MSIs to be a part of the planning and implementation Read more

Cuba – The Other Story

by William Smalls, Jr. | October 5, 2015 The recent visit by Pope Francis to Cuba and to the United States has been given a great deal o Read more

‘My Brother’s Keeper’: A Lesson from Marc Lamont Hill

by Donald Mitchell Jr. and Adriel A. Hilton | October 4, 2015 While scalable, data-driven recommendations are indeed necessary to support young men of color, Read more

U. of La Verne Board Chair Sees Reflection in Latino Students

by Luis Faura | October 1, 2015 National Hispanic Heritage Month holds significant value for millions of Americans each year. I Read more

Suicide Heavily Impacts LGBTQ, Native American Youth

by Tim’m West and Robert Cook | September 28, 2015 When it comes to suicide prevention, awareness and support can’t be limited to just one month Read more

And the Award Goes to …

by Chinwe O. Okeke | September 23, 2015 My self-esteem demons of elementary school, middle school, high school, and even college were d Read more

Be a Creator, Not an Inheritor

by Dale Schlundt | September 15, 2015 Everyone at some point in their lives feels that their work is insignificant. Read more

HBCU Relevancy? A Glance at U.S. Demographics Provides Answer

by Johnny C. Taylor Jr. | September 9, 2015 Not a week goes by where those of us in the HBCU community are confronted with the question of Read more

Louis Stokes: Reflections of the Life of a Transformational Leader

by Orlando Taylor | September 2, 2015 In the span of four days last month our nation lost two of its most venerable leaders in the st Read more