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History of Police Brutality Stokes Fire in Baltimore

by Antonio L. Ellis and Jaquial Durham | April 28, 2015
This riot is a direct result of centuries of White supremacy, oppression, institutional racism, [...] Read more

Test Cheating in Atlanta Tip of an Educational Corruption Iceberg

by Robert A. Schaeffer | April 22, 2015
The sentencing of nearly a dozen Atlanta educators and administrators for artificially inflatin [...] Read more

Tightrope for Adjunct Faculty at Community Colleges

by Ellen Usher | April 20, 2015
Being a successful adjunct professor still presents several challenges for Black women, among t [...] Read more

Don’t Wait to Address Summer Melt: The Time is Now

by Karen Gross | April 14, 2015
It is easy to assume that once high school seniors apply to and get accepted by colleges, compl [...] Read more

Not American Enough

by Michael A. Moreno | April 8, 2015
I should have been prepared for profiling at American University. But I wasn’t. [...] Read more

School: What is it Good for?

by Cevin Soling | April 5, 2015
The nature and purpose behind the American education system are not always consistent with the [...] Read more

Leading by Example: College Success Means a Stronger Economy

by Shawn J. Mayberry | March 31, 2015
We have to set a better example about the importance of higher education. [...] Read more

A More ‘Diverse’ Approach to Diversity in STEM Education

by David E. Goldberg and Mark Somerville | March 25, 2015
Attracting more students into STEM education has long been a challenge for colleges and univers [...] Read more

Making a Business Case for Campus Diversity

by Anita Nahal | March 18, 2015
In today’s world of shrinking resources, jobs and socioeconomic opportunities, diversity as a [...] Read more

Decreasing the Tension Level of College Admissions Period

by Karen Gross | March 11, 2015
We are approaching that stressful time of year when high school seniors learn if they are accep [...] Read more

The Hypocrisy of Black College Hatred

by Walter Kimbrough | March 5, 2015
As the phone lines were opened, a pattern generally emerged. At least one caller each day raise [...] Read more

Band-aid Solutions to College Deficits

by Brian C. Mitchell | March 2, 2015
Now is the time of the year that most college and university boards of trustees meet to set in [...] Read more

MOOCs: An Education in Diversity

by Miriam Schulman | February 25, 2015
MOOCs can bring together an amazingly diverse group of students, who might otherwise never have [...] Read more

Community Colleges After Michael Brown

by Nicholas Hengen Fox | February 23, 2015
Despite the openness and inclusion of community colleges, they still remain tethered to the eli [...] Read more

American History is not Black History; Black History is not America’s

by Leonce Gaiter | February 19, 2015
The argument that ‘Black history is American history’ is naïve to the point of insipidity. [...] Read more