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Race a Factor in South Carolina State University ‘Mess’

by Phil Noble | February 16, 2015
The barriers to the solutions are politics, race, intransigence, corruption and political dysfu [...] Read more

Saving South Carolina State

by John Michael Lee, Jr. | February 11, 2015
The proposed plan would close the university for the 2015-2016 and 2016-2017 school years. Many [...] Read more

Three Forces That Shaped African-American History

by John T. Fleming | February 9, 2015
Barack Obama’s words are a true reflection of the greatness of America and its promise of eq [...] Read more

Lack of Diversity in Graduate Biomedical Research Education

by Andrew Bean and Marenda Wilson-Pham | February 3, 2015
There is a disconnect among the undergraduate mentor, recruiter and graduate admissions committ [...] Read more

A Fool-proof Guide to Accreditation

by Linda Suskie | January 29, 2015
Let me share with you some of the many ways that colleges and universities can annoy their accr [...] Read more

Promoting and Maintaining Diversity in Pharmaceutical Education

by Henry North | January 20, 2015
Pharmacists are essential health care providers responsible for achieving positive health outco [...] Read more

Golden Globe Comedy: It’s Funny Until it Happens to You

by Marybeth Gasman | January 13, 2015
Fey and Poehler’s participation in the mockery of Asians made me think about the way so many [...] Read more

Higher Education: The Problem with Priorities

by Brian C. Mitchell | January 6, 2015
For most colleges, the best hires typically come today with individuals who understand that the [...] Read more

Navigating Your First Tenure-Track Academic Position

by Brandon Brown | January 1, 2015
One’s ­first faculty position can be quite the mystery; at least it was for me. [...] Read more

Do Community College Credentials Pay Off?

by Madeline Joy Trimble | December 23, 2014
The returns to education have been a popular topic of study among economics researchers. [...] Read more

My Brother’s Keeper: The Role of HBCUs in Supporting Young Black Men

by Julius Davis, Ohmar Land and Wilbur Parker | December 18, 2014
Some stakeholders believe HBCUs should play a lead role in the My Brother’s Keeper initiative [...] Read more

White is the New Black in Neo-Civil Rights Language

by Robin Hughes | December 14, 2014
Reverse discrimination a complaint, issue among some Whites. [...] Read more

An Open Letter of Love to Black Students

by Rae Paris | December 8, 2014
Black professors know there is always more that people don’t see or hear or want to know, but [...] Read more
Academic Racism in Play in Regard to Athletes

Academic Racism in Play in Regard to Athletes

by Johari R. Shuck | December 7, 2014
The University of North Carolina has contributed in a bold and disturbing way to one of the gre [...] Read more

Higher Education: Identifying the Senior Team

by Brian C. Mitchell | December 3, 2014
There are big changes coming in American higher education. College and university governance mu [...] Read more