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White Privilege Undermines Diversity in Higher Education

by Larissa Estes, Dr. Tanisha Price-Johnson, and Dr. Marina L. Ramirez | March 8, 2016 Beyond institutionalized and internalized racism and classism, there is a cloud of entitlement Read more

Holistic Review for Graduate School Admissions Under Scrutiny

by Catherine Morris | February 11, 2016
A recent report found that the majority of respondents called for more data demonstrating the l [...] Read more

Defending Test-optional Policies in Colleges and Universities

by Briana O’Neal | January 24, 2016
Both the ACT and SAT serve as a barrier to college access for low-income, first-generation and [...] Read more

UCLA Exemplifies Ability to Forge Ahead in Fisher Era

by Katti Gray | January 20, 2016
The Supreme Court’s re-visit of Fisher v. University of Texas at Austin reignites the debate [...] Read more

Rethinking College Admissions

“Turning the Tide” sagely reflects on what’s wrong with admissions and rightly calls for [...] Read more

Individual Coaching Demystifies College for First-Generation Applicants

| January 19, 2016
Students who are the first in their family to apply to college are the least likely to have had [...] Read more

Wishful Thinking Won’t Erase Need for Race-Conscious Admission Policies

by Joyce E. Smith | January 5, 2016
The U.S. Supreme Court wants to know: when will the nation’s colleges and universities no lon [...] Read more

After Fisher Arguments, Justices Appear Typically Divided

by Catherine Morris | December 9, 2015
The liberal and conservative justices showed themselves to be deeply divided over whether race [...] Read more

Supreme Court Preparing to Tackle Fisher Case, Campus Diversity Again

by Catherine Morris | December 3, 2015
The case questions the constitutionality of holistic admissions practices, which consider race, [...] Read more

In Case You Missed It…

| August 6, 2015
Last Year, Fewer Black Men Applied to Med School than in 1978 Senate Seeks Ways to Take Income [...] Read more

Dearth of Blacks Males in Med Schools Has Experts Scrambling for Solutions

by Jamal Eric Watson | August 5, 2015
Health care educators and presidents of some of the nation’s historically Black medical colle [...] Read more

Admissions Pro Advises Opting to Write Essay

by Jamaal Abdul-Alim |
Even though some colleges may not require an essay under the new version of the Common Applicat [...] Read more

American Bar Association OKs Rutger’s Plan to Merge Law Schools

by Associated Press | August 3, 2015
The American Bar Association has approved Rutgers University’s plan to merge its two law scho [...] Read more

Politicians, Athletes Promoted Underqualified Students to University of Texas

by Associated Press | July 20, 2015
State lawmakers, university regents and even current and former athletes wrote letters to top c [...] Read more

Supreme Court to Rehear Affirmative Action Case

by Kimberly Davis | June 29, 2015
The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday decided to rehear a landmark case that could mean the end of a [...] Read more
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