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Stanford: Ethnic Studies Courses Help At-risk High School Students

by Lydia Lum | February 3, 2016 High school ethnic studies courses focusing on how race and culture can impact life and identit Read more

FDA Gives Approval for Marijuana Oil Study

by Kim Chandler, Associated Press | December 10, 2014
The Food and Drug Administration has given the University of Alabama at Birmingham permission t [...] Read more

Veterans Day Salute

| November 10, 2014
The Diverse staff salutes the men and women of the U.S. Armed Forces. Your dedication and sacri [...] Read more

In Case You Missed It…

| January 10, 2014
Community Colleges’ Most Challenging Task: Increase Completion Rates Christie Hails N.J. Vers [...] Read more

Dr. Edmund W. Gordon Battles to Eradicate Achievement Gap

by Donovan X. Ramsey | November 8, 2012
Before most knew what an achievement gap was, Dr. Edmund W. Gordon was working to eliminate it. [...] Read more

Fox Sports Cancels College Athletics Show After Video Mocks Asians

by The Associated Press | September 9, 2011
Video of students at University of Southern California campus asking them to welcome Colorado a [...] Read more

Commentary: Flashpoint Over Struggle To Preserve Mexican-American Studies in Arizona

by Dr. Nolan L. Cabrera | July 19, 2011
 Educators should help bridge grassroots movement and ivory tower to back equality, Univer [...] Read more

Until the Needle Breaks

by B. Denise Hawkins | June 17, 2011
Four top scholars discuss the enduring musical legacy of Motown records. [...] Read more

NCORE Conference: Scholar Offers Perspectives on Inter-Minority Racism

by Lydia Lum | June 6, 2011
During the 24th annual National Conference on Race & Ethnicity in American Higher Education [...] Read more

Asian American Publications Seeing Growth on U.S. Campuses

by Lydia Lum | May 9, 2011
The general public’s consumption of U.S. media has declined steadily in recent years, but seg [...] Read more

Universities Forced to Adapt as Demographics Shift

by Associated Press | January 4, 2011
 “Majority minority” college classes appearing earlier than expected. [...] Read more

Young Scholars Reflect on Family Ties in the Academy

by Lydia Lum | November 23, 2010
 Having grown up in the academy, second-generation scholars chart their own course to beco [...] Read more

Free-speech Policies Questioned at Mississippi Campuses

by Elizabeth Crisp, The Clarion-Ledger | August 25, 2010
Students at Mississippi universities may have to watch what they say more than those in other s [...] Read more

Assessing Arizona

by Ibram Rogers | June 22, 2010
Three Mexican-American scholars discuss Arizona’s immigration law and its ramifications on th [...] Read more

Jump in U.S. College Enrollment Highest in 40 Years

by Hope Yen, Associated Press | June 18, 2010
The nation's colleges are attracting record numbers of new students as more Hispanics finish hi [...] Read more
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