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Claflin University Promoting Female Entrepreneurship in India

by Catherine A. Morris | January 3, 2016 Claflin University will partner with the University of Calcutta to promote female entrepreneurs Read more

More Men Should Make an Effort to Bridge Racial Divide

by | December 7, 2015
There are those who argue that cross-racial friendships are not that unusual, particularly amon [...] Read more

Experts Say Revisionist History Detrimental to American Students

by Autumn A. Arnett | August 26, 2015
Recent revisions to some historical textbooks have caused some leaders in higher education to q [...] Read more

Symbols Shape What We Think and Believe in America

by | August 5, 2015
Now that the exhilaration of the removal of the Confederate battle flag has subsided a bit, let [...] Read more

With Africa Tour, Obama Establishes Himself as the “Diversity” President

by | July 26, 2015
And you thought President Obama singing “Amazing Grace” at the Rev. Clementa Pinckney’s w [...] Read more

‘San Andreas’ Movie Stereotypes Academics

by | June 8, 2015
Are all professors doomed to not kiss the girl and look like Paul Giamatti? [...] Read more

We March for Good but Racism Forges Ahead, Too

by | March 18, 2015
Now that the Selma March anniversary is behind us and the speeches have been made, what have we [...] Read more

Harvard Bans Professors from Having Sex with Undergraduates

by Associated Press | February 5, 2015
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Harvard University has instituted a total ban on professors having sex wit [...] Read more

Students of Color, Women Still Harassment Targets on Campuses

by | January 28, 2015
The recent racial profiling of Yale University student Tahj Blow by campus police this past wee [...] Read more

Believing and Achieving King’s Dream

by | January 15, 2015
The question lies not in the promises made but can the promises be kept. [...] Read more

Ohio State University: Fired Band Director Was Dishonest

by Julie Carr Smyth, Associated Press | October 23, 2014
The university’s fired band director witnessed more sexually charged incidents than previousl [...] Read more

East Tennessee State Students Trying to Raise Funding for Sex Week

by Associated Press | October 9, 2014
JOHNSON CITY, Tenn. ―Some East Tennessee State University students say they will try to raise [...] Read more

Virginia Wesleyan Sued Over Sexual Assault

by Associated Press | October 8, 2014
NORFOLK, Va. ― A former student has sued Virginia Wesleyan College, claiming that she was sex [...] Read more

A World of Opportunity

| June 5, 2014
This issue of Diverse has a special focus on International Education, specifically studying abr [...] Read more

Study: People Fear Male-named Hurricanes More

by Seth Borenstein, Associated Press | June 3, 2014
Which scares you more: Hurricane Victor or Hurricane Victoria? People are slightly less likely [...] Read more
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